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Living Without Limits

My mother always told me, “live your life to the fullest”; I am here to do just that! All About The Experiences serves as a vessel to share my journey, passions, and connect me with wonderful people to share as to what inspires me in this world full of amazing experiences.


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All About The Experiences:  Living Without Limits

~The Podcast~

Featuring "The Divas"

Episode 31 (May 7, 2021)

Who are The Divas you ask? They are a group of dear friends who’s friendships span decades. Their faith, families, community, and passion for creating a space at the table for their downlines, “me”, have created a wonderful bond between a beautiful group of women affectionately known as The Divas!

These Divas are mothers, wives, some grandmothers, sisters, aunties (they are all my aunties), dear friends that bring a wealth of experiences to the table. Five of the Divas went to college together (Oakwood College—Hunstville, AL)! Some of their ties go back to elementary school (Golden Gate Academy—Oakland, CA)!

"The Divas": Louraine Mitchell Meyers, Noelette Leader-Hutton, Janice Lindsey-Willis, Karren Banfield-Minor, Sharon Spears, Bev Ward-Gregg, and Sharon Cluff

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All About The Experiences:  Living Without Limits 

~The Podcast~

Featuring Dr. Carmen McNeil

Episode 30 (March 19, 2021)

Dr. Carmen McNeil is a Facilitator, Educator, and Girls’ Period of Empowerment™ Guide.   
Dr. Carmen McNeil is committed to helping girls and women understand how impressive they really are.   Affectionately known as Dr. Carmen, she holds a Ph.D. in Psychology and has been a featured speaker for conferences, women’s organizations, and educational institutions.    
Dr. Carmen pours her 25+ years of teaching, counseling, and training into her work with girls and women, and leading the culture-shift around a girl’s first period via her Sacred Rights of Passage Programs and coaching for parents.   She is praised most for her unique ability to put people at ease while influencing them to reach higher.    
To learn more, join the private Facebook Group for Power Parents at    
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